The window perspective


There was a room, the cutest authentic room I recently stayed. It had rustic look, wooden piles under the ceiling, chubby chic walls painted in warm colors, big comfy queen bed, oil paintings on the walls and my favorite color turquoise blanket. It was the last room under the roof of B&B, like Rapunzel’s room. There were many windows around the room, one smaller than the other. In each of the window, I could have a different view and admire diverse things. I loved it. I could have a choice of scenery I prefer to hang out with; whether I want to see mountains and vineyard or the sea in far end and the forest, or the gate and nature. Steering and noticing what my eyes are noticing I asked myself: what are those views informing me about?

The window with the village and vineyard spoke that there is night and day time. There are seasons. At this season seedlings are in a hibernation time, resting, getting their strength to have grapes next summer. At the village life goes on at daytime and there is sleeping time. The message I received is a reminder how important it’s for me to align with my nature, go with the flow and stop/sleep sometimes too.

Seeing the roof and trees through another window communicated that I am somewhere high and tall – perhaps information to acknowledge myself how far I have come, what I had accomplished.

The window with the gate opened told me that I only need to enter it and nature will lead me. I only need to trust and ask surroundings for the answer.

I can tell you that each of those views had a different impact which eventually influenced my mood.

I would encourage you to check what is your window view informing you about? Give yourself a moment to reflect using either my windows below or use your own ones where you are. Everyone will see things differently. Remember you have a choice which window you prefer to stay by, plus self-growth opportunity is available everywhere if you tune yourself to it.

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