The biggest reason for this is not the glory that will never fall down, but the fact that we are able to pick up after the fall of.


I received my coaching education in the USA. I hold the title of a Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC) from the Coaches Training Institute and International Coach Federation accreditation (ACC) – top organization looking after ethics and standards. I  frequently receive additional education and attend supervisions.

I am happy to use both languages while working with my clients (Polish – native and English). I spent a few years in the USA, UK and consider myself as a world citizen nevertheless, deep in my heart I am proud of my ancestry.

I am passionate about world cultures, photography, self-development. And, because of many years of working experience in a Tourism Industry, I’ve deepened my appreciation towards life and humans. Traveling/Adventures have become a major interest of mine, considered as a priceless learning and occasion to catch inner balance. Classical and Latin music empowers and rings with my soul. I love people with great senses of humor,  passionate, down to earth, charismatic, and overall, with honest hearts.