Slow down in Cinqueterre

Uncle Roman always says: watch the signs universe sends to you, so I did!

I wanted to go to my Polish home, feel the summer there, taste seasonal comfort food such as; cherries and strawberries, new potatoes with dill (they taste million times better in Poland) but the flight prices were unreasonably high. In that case, I was kind of double questioning myself what to do. In the meantime wherever I looked there was this image of Cinqueterre town; on social media, people around were talking about it, a random person I met mentioned that is going soon, so I said to myself that is it! When I checked the flights and it was way cheaper than my flight home, there was no doubt that I am going there.
Five lovely towns in Liguria region, Italy. Colorful houses, build on the rocky coast are taking my breath away and are pleasing my eye, as well as my camera. Cinqueterre you stole my heart!
Going on a hiking among the coast I could feed my soul. Each of the towns has its own charm and character. You have the opportunity to be active and go from one town to another via coastal path or if you feel less active there is a train taking you from one town to another with a few minutes journey. It is super organized I have to admit.

I haven’t been to Italy for a while and forgot how their atmosphere is soothing and relaxing. I am actually impressed with their spontaneity, slow way of being, ability to enjoy and appreciate life. It’s so valuable to be reminded of those things especially if you live the hectic life here in London. Hard not to appreciate amazing food, sea and sun warming up your body and because of that, even the mind seems to work differently.

I stayed in the town called Bonassola, just outside Cinqueterre.There were mostly Italian families hence it helped to feel the essence of the culture and I had a real insider experience. From early morning people would go to the beach to reserve good spots, hanging there for a whole day, reading, playing cards taking it easy. Then, in the evening dressed smartly go for a walk, for dinner to the local trattorias and osterias. I found it almost forgotten this day that children play a ball or skateboard on the street. There was no shopping centers and no big chain supermarkets, just a small privately owned two shops and a few restaurants. Real slow and pure life.

Being in Bonassola reminded me of the carefree life. This is actually what we could learn from Italians; how to be spontaneous and genuine, how to take those masks off and let ourselves be, say and do with no control of every single move. How life can be more pleasant if we drop all this, slow down, live here and now, celebrate the moment. Because this is the beauty of life, but very often forgotten.

Here is my photo documentary.