Be generous with yourself.

I am writing it today to share some thoughts about being generous with yourself. I sign in for Leadership training recently. A wonderful experience that made me a better human being and even more authentic coach. It feels that this was again, one of my best decisions in life. Probably because I value learning and I like to make a difference for others.

The training is really expensive; I had to save for a while in order to participate. I also had to compromise on not getting other things I really wanted. However, we are all responsible for our own expenses and what we are spending money on, right?!  So, I had this feeling that I deserved a good quality thing, something from the top shelf, that I am going to treat myself with expensive training. I can tell you it is paying off already!

Here is the wisdom I realized and would like to share; if we are generous with ourselves, life and everything around us will be as well. This is the way we are showing the outside world that we would like to be treated. If we are stingy on ourselves, we will get into situations that will prove we do not deserve, life, outside world will be stingy with us.

I would like to encourage you to play around it and treat yourself with something today. I am talking about simple, little things, it can be a city break, vacation, a good quality cosmetic, workshop or a concert ticket. Anything that you don’t allow yourself to have because your inner voice says that you don’t have enough money and cannot spend on such things but your heart and body tells you that you want it.

Think about areas where you are not generous with yourself considering not material things as well. Be generous with self-love, self-care and time for yourself. Once you accomplish that observe your insights and what will unfold.

Below sharing some photos of like-minded souls I am surrounded with and lovely Spanish masia – Almiral de la Font, where the training is happening. Priceless moments!