About me

With deeper reflection I create programs, which are changing human mindset and attitude towards work and life. People stop complaining but start to see wider, think bigger, take more courageous actions and live more fully.

I received my coaching education in the USA. I hold the title of a Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC) from the Coaches Training Institute and International Coach Federation accreditation (ACC) - top organization looking after ethics and standards. I  frequently receive additional education and attend supervisions. My latest training I took was Co-Active Leadership which took place in Spain and Organisational Relationship Coaching Fundamentals in London.


I am happy to use both languages while working with my clients (Polish - native and English). I spent a few years in the USA, UK and travelled quite a bit, however after all I found my place in the Izery Mountains (Poland) in  upper lusatian house, living a slow life. I consider myself as a world citizen nevertheless, deep in my heart I am proud of my ancestry.

I am passionate about world cultures, self-development and, because of many years of working experience in a Tourism Industry, I’ve deepened my appreciation towards life and humans. Traveling, handcraft and photography have become a major interest of mine, considered as a priceless learning and occasion to catch inner balance. Classical and Latin music empowers and rings with my soul.
I love people with great sense of humour,  passionate, down to earth, charismatic, and overall, with honest hearts.


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