About Coaching

I inspire and support people, teams and organisations in reaching a full potential by constant self mastery.

The tools of Co-Active coaching I use in my practice are unbeaten in life's & businesses around the world. It’s a methodology, a skill set that balances self-awareness, allows to take courageous actions, creates an environment where you can be deeply motivated, fulfilled, connected and successful in what matters to you most. After the first couple of sessions, you will already feel more alive, more confident and start turning plans into action.
The outcome you will gain:
  • Positive perspectives on challenges
  • Enhance decision-making skills
  • Greater communications
  • Self-management tools
  • Improvement in productivity
  • Personal transformation
And, the list does not end there.
I recommend 2-3 sessions a month for 45 min. each. It's required to commit to working together for at least 4 to 6 months to be able to see the results. Coaching is available: face to face (on request) or over the phone/skype what a lot of my clients found convenient. You don’t spend time traveling and have a conversation in your own comfortable environment. The first one (30 min) is complimentary and may be scheduled in advance.
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