Nietuzinkowo B&B

Świeradów-Zdrój, Izery Mountains

At number 15 on Główna Street there is an old house in Prussian blue. And in it everything is ... extraordinary: dumplings party, afternoon tea nibbled with cookies of happiness, personal development in a swaying hammock and puffing with the fresh morning air. If we had to describe Nietuzinkowo in just 3 words, they would sound like this: fresh, clean and comfortable. Fortunately, we can tell you so much more. Remarkably, it is one of the most peculiar and original places for total relaxation and detachment from worries and everyday life. In the old days, weavers lived there and the special structure of the supports dampened the vibrations of the working looms. The sounds of the loom will not wake us up anymore, although sometimes a fly sniffs around the ear, a mosquito hoots, and at other times a neighbor will pull out an accordion and sing folk songs. Sielsko? Maybe. Country. For sure. Extraordinary? Full mouth!


The guest house Nietuzinkowo is an Upper-Lusatian half-timbered house. This means nothing else than basing the storey on arched supports resembling arcades (diagonals). This house was the seat of weavers and the complex structure of the house was supposed to dampen the vibrations of the loom well. You can think of him as an aged grandfather who is over 200 years old: he appreciates the idyll, has his better and worse days, but also an original character. He likes to host all those who accept his imperfections: creaky doors, floors, moody hinges and crooked walls. He repays with the fresh smell bedding, the unique atmosphere and the return of childhood memories from holidays in the countryside. The house is intimate and has only 3 double rooms and a large, shared bathroom, which you have to shuffle to by stairs (we do not leave the pee until the last moment to make it in time). Behind the house is a garden with fruit trees, flowering rhododendrons and roses in summer, a hammock, sun loungers, a table under the cloud and a fireplace. The house itself is a grateful material for taking photos in a vintage style and an ideal asylum where you can hide from the city noise, drink tea or tincture in the garden.


There are plenty of hiking, running and cycling routes scattered around the house. If you like to spend time actively, take bikes, comfortable shoes with you, and in winter, cross-country skis, because the routes are well prepared. Very close is the station of the all-year-round gondola lift, which will take you to Stóg Izerski and then a walk to Hala Izerska and  Jakuszycka clearing (ideal areas for cross-country skiing in winter). In addition, close to the trails leading to: Sępia Góra  and the shelter on Stóg Izerski, to Smrek, Wysoki Kamień and many others. The Karkonosze Mountains are the neighboring mountains and the nearby Szklarska Poręba offers access to Szrenica and Śnieżne Kotły.  Famous Śnieżka is also nearby, because Karpacz is 1 hour away. Don't forget comfortable clothes, shoes and something rainproof! We especially recommend you to visit the nearby castles: Frydlant (apparently there is an Amber Room hidden in it!), Czocha (compared to Hogwarts from Harry Potter) which is nothing like carefree sightseeing. It is worth visiting the "Valley of Palaces and Gardens" where they deserve attention; Pakoszów Palace, Staniszów, Łomnica, Wojanów. For creative people, we have a neighboring workshops in porcelain and gingerbread decorating, the artistic village of Wolimierz (2 km). You may like going horse riding, alpaca animal therapy,  visit Prague or Dresden because it will take only 2 hours from our doorstep!

In Świeradów Zdrój, time flows a bit slower than in larger cities, it is not crowded, and it does not offer big-city entertainment. On the other hand, nature lovers will find themselves here perfectly - it is the perfect place for walking in the mountains and smelling wild flowers. The offered "single track" bicycle routes going to the Czech side will enchant every cyclist, just like the trekking routes starting right behind the house (recommended to Stóg Izerski and to the mountain hut with an obligatory pancake with blueberries). In addition, you will find deckchairs, a hammock, a swing, board games, psychological books and travel albums, green grass - all created with the thought of sweet laziness.

About the host (Me):

I am a professional leadership coach and traveler with a creative soul. I lived in London, New York and Los Angeles, and yet here in the Izera Mountains, in a 200-year-old house, I found my four corners. Here I feel that I live in harmony with myself and I don't have to do anything. In my spare time I do sports, create handicrafts and wreaths from the gifts of nature. Sometimes I make tinctures or preserves. In the kitchen you can meet me sticking dumplings with all kinds of fillings, weighing paneer cheese or cooking unusual dishes, such as pear and parsley soup or curry with chickpeas. I am happy to meet new people and, on request, I will organize coaching sessions or meditations during my stay. If you want, we can exchange travel experiences at the table, talk about life, people or music of the world (even in English). From time to time, there are workshops at home, which, in addition to the personal development part, include interesting entertainment activities.

I made it almost by myself, replaced the artificial accessories and replaced them with natural materials, I gave a new character taking care of the details, because I believe that they contain all the beauty (that's why you will be greeted by a wreath on the door, lace and sublime tableware on the tables, and under your feet they will creak wooden planks). I have a lot of white, green and blue shades, embroidery, frills, lace curtains, items brought from the trip, especially handicrafts. I make sure that people and even wild animals feel good in the garden, because I am happy when deer fall in sometimes. My garden is full of mint, forget-me-nots, daisies, lilacs and nasturtiums. I invite you to a place where it is possible to calm down, meet nature and spend valuable time. It is enough to lie down on a sun lounger, close your eyes, feel the grass under your feet and start a real rest.


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Reservations: +48 603799336,

  day per person
double room 60 - 70 Euro  
single room 45 Euro  
rich breakfast    
  13 Euro
Mandatory tourist tax day 5pln

We have a coffee and tea corner, which we offer for free.

* The price list does not apply to long weekends &holidays. We prepare stay packages for these circumstances.

*Minimum stay period 2 nights, Vacation/winter ferien 3 nights


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