References from the questionnaires

 Renata is a very open-minded, generous and dedicated coach. She is also good at reading clients’ minds and the ability helps clients to realize their true feelings and emotions. I was very lucky to have such a great coach for my first coaching session. I started my journey to find out how I achieve and realize my life purpose in the world and coaching sessions were essential and indispensable to get to the starting point.Thank you so much for your time. I am happy to get to know you not only as a client but also as a person.


After a couple of the sessions, I have become aware and obtained the ability to see different aspects, undiscovered areas of my life that I had no idea ever existed. Renata’s great skills, knowledge, passion, ability to ask difficult questions, lead me to gain more confidence in myself, allowed to open my heart even wider to my life passion. But, above all, I learned how to manage the hassle of everyday busy life in London. I would recommend Renata to anyone who needs the guidance or support to have a better quality life. What I valued was being able to experience the first session for free.


Thank you, Renata, for helping me to manage tasks delegating, to improve my relations and look at the challenges from a different perspective. You showed me that I have all resources in me. Everyone at the office is missing you and when your name is mentioned we all have the same picture in mind: smiling, inspiring and full of passion woman.


I had a pleasure to work with Renata in Los Angeles. She is a very competent professional, who has passion, knowledge and a unique gift of listening. Thanks to her exceptional ability to understand and relate to me, I felt very comfortable and at ease to talk to. She has a very relaxing way of carrying sessions, it's a gentle guide, that leads you safely through your own fears and concerns towards your goal. Renata helped me to understand and manage myself better. Now, I am using my strength and potential.