One to One Coaching


With deeper reflection I create programs, which are changing human mindset and attitude towards work and life. People stop complaining but start to see wider, think bigger, take more courageous actions and live more fully.

I recommend 2-3 sessions a month for 45-60 min. each with max 14 days break between sessions. It's required to commit to working together for at least 4 to 6 months to be able to see the results. Coaching is available: face to face in Poland (on request) or over the phone/skype/zoom what a lot of my clients found convenient. You get better deal & don’t spend time traveling and have a conversation in your own comfortable environment.
The first one (30 min) is complimentary and may be scheduled in advance. At that time we will check how we suit together plus I will present a suitable  offer and costs.
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